Goodbye April, Hello May

What happened to the month of April?! Oh well, here’s a catch up post of my sketching endeavors over the past month or so:

Egret - Water

A sketch to practice drawing/painting water inspired by a photo I took on a  trip in Florida.

Hiking in Nevada (tree sketch)

A sketch to practice drawing trees inspired by a photo I took on a trip to Las Vegas.

Ink Blots

A new semester of Sketchbook Skool started! This assignment had us turn random ink blots into something from our imagination. 

Twingley HW

This assignment had us turn our weekly sketches into a collage. 

Blind contours 1

The second week of klass had us practicing blind contour portrait sketches…very tricky!

Blind contours 2

More blind contour portraits. 

Siqua Big Head

This assignment had us draw a portrait sketch with a big head & a small body. I had so much fun drawing my dog Siqua!


Here’s one of my husband which started as a big head portrait but turned into a regular portrait, oh well. I stuck to the teacher’s color scheme of yellow ochre, alizarin crimson, & cerulean blue (which was my substitute since I didn’t have prussian blue). It was really tough to only use 3 colors & I was panicking about half way through, but I kept pressing on & I’m really happy with the result! I think this is my favorite portrait sketch ever. 🙂

Well, that’s a wrap until next time!


6 thoughts on “Goodbye April, Hello May

  1. So, Jamie, we’re into June now…anything in the works?
    I love this random collection of your sketching/painting efforts, and am particularly enamoured of the random ink blots bugs and turtles. Well done!

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