Sketchbooks! Get Your Sketchbooks!

I’m excited to share that I’m now selling hand-cut, hand-stitched, hand-illustrated sketchbooks/notebooks/journals/whatever-you-want-them-to-be-books in my Etsy shop!

Here are the nitty, gritty, details:

Size: 5.5 in. by 8 in.
Page count: 30 two-page spreads or 60 pages.
Cover: Sturdy chipboard.
Paper: Mixed media; 98 lb; Acid-free. (Suitable for acrylic, watercolor, pen, & pencil)
Spine: Hand-stitched & covered with Washi tape.

Here’s what they look like (there’s a cheaper blank one that you can decorate yourself):

IMG_1311 IMG_1313 IMG_1315 IMG_1320 IMG_1341

So, check them out here…if you want to…it would make my day!


Art Thief

Sketchbook Skool Bootkamp assignment number four required us to “steal”, or replicate, another artist’s style. This was a challenging assignment but I really enjoyed it & I hope to “steal” from other artists in the future.

After some deliberation, I decided to duplicate a sketch from Richard Piers Rayner who illustrated the graphic novel “Road to Perdition”. I’m usually not great at sketching cars so I’m really pleased with the result. I think my eyes went cross-eyed from all of the crosshatching though! I’m going to add more “Road to Perdition” sketches to this page when I have time.

Road to Perdition #1

Which artist’s style would you like to steal?

Materials used:

  • New sketchbook I got for Christmas from my mom 🙂 (Artist’s Loft brand 6in x 8in)
  • Faber-Castell PITT artist pens (XS & S)
  • LYRA graphite pencils

Big Hug Mug

Our third assignment for Sketchbook Skool Bootkamp challenged us to lay down a bright watercolor wash & then add a colored pencil sketch on top of it. I decided to sketch my favorite coffee mug which I’ve had for about 22 years! It was given to me as a gift from my hospital nurses to calm my nerves during an overnight stay when I was about 7 years old.

Big Hug Mug

What’s the story behind your favorite coffee mug?

Materials used:

  • New sketchbook I got for Christmas from my mom 🙂 (Artist’s Loft brand 6in x 8in)
  • Faber-Castell PITT artist pen (S)
  • Winsor & Newton watercolors
  • Prismacolor colored pencils

Dinero, Dough, Moolah, Bucks…

Sketchbook Skool Bootkampers are “making it rain” this week with their money still life sketches! Here’s mine:


For a long scary moment I stared at Mr. Lincoln’s face & contemplated sketching the front side of the bill, but ultimately decided I wasn’t up for it. So, I flipped it over & sketched the back instead. As I spent nearly two hours doing the pen sketch I was amazed by all of the tiny details I had never noticed on the bill. Can you spot the tiny #70?

Materials used:

  • New sketchbook I got for Christmas from my mom 🙂 (Artist’s Loft brand 6in x 8in)
  • Faber-Castell PITT artist pens (S & XS)
  • Winsor & Newton watercolors
  • Pentel waterbrush pens

An Apple a Day…

Sketchbook Skool Bootcamp just started for us “three-timers” (students who have taken all three semesters so far). The first assignment challenged us to draw a still life of an apple to show the progression of eating it. I can’t think of a better way to get in my daily dose of fruit!

Here’s my sketch before I painted it:

BW Apples

I was worried that I got too carried away with the crosshatching, but I think it turned out ok in the end. Here’s my sketch after I painted it:

Color Apples

The apple was tasty & I’m really happy with my sketch, especially the fact that I managed to keep some of those pesky white highlights in certain places!

Thoughts on The Walking Dead Season 4 (SPOILER ALERT)

Being the Netflix junkies that we are, my husband & I just finished watching season 4 of The Walking Dead. During most episodes you might find us laughing, getting a little teary-eyed, gripping the edge of our seat during a suspenseful scene, or grimacing at the graphic nature of the show. However, episode 14 which we watched last night left us feeling speechless & a little disturbed to say the least. The intense death of two of the characters caused me to do just what the show’s producers had in mind, ponder the complexities of humanity in the midst of extreme adversity. If you haven’t made it this far into the show yet, you might not want to look at my sketch below!

Thoughts on The Walking Dead

Holiday Hoopla

The Gregory family convened in Georgia this year for the holidays & set a record by having sixteen people under one roof! Gift exchanges, shopping, games, good food, exploring Stone Mountain, fireworks, & laughter guaranteed a good time for all. We tried something new this year & had each person write a 50-100 word essay about what our family means to us, then read them aloud as a group. This was a great way to reflect on our blessings & show our gratitude for each other. Here are a few sketches I did during the trip:

Gregory Christmas 2014

Atlanta from Stone Mountain