Reportage Sketching at the Columbus Zoo

I just finished working my way through Melanie Reim’s class for Sketchbook Skool. She challenged us to complete a reportage (a technique of drawing that tells a story entirely through pictures to give an account of directly observed or researched events) assignment by capturing a story in a public place.

This turned out to be a very challenging assignment! I’m not used to fast loose sketching in public where there’s a lot of activity & movement to capture in a short amount of time. We went to the Columbus Zoo this weekend for Wild Lights & discovered that Jack Hanna was performing live animal shows that evening! We had about 30 minutes to kill before the show started & I took the opportunity to sketch the stage & Jack Hanna signing autographs. I was surprised by how quickly the crowd bombarded the stage as if they were getting autographs from a famous rockstar! There was a stranger sitting next to me who gave me a compliment while I was sketching which is always a nice morale booster.


What has been your favorite public event to capture in a sketch?


3 thoughts on “Reportage Sketching at the Columbus Zoo

  1. I have seen Jack Hanna two or three times, always with that hat. How many of those hats does he have? We don’t get to many big events. I am lucky to get those “parking lot people.” I draw the Dancing Hares when I get ten minutes to run over. Also, the garden out the library window. I like to watch changes in season, weather, and time of day. Also, to use different media to do the same thing.

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