How to Kill Time While Your Husband Golfs

Let’s face it, I’m a terrible golfer!¬†Earlier this summer my husband and I went on a short getaway to Salt Fork State Park and he wanted to try out the park’s golf course. So, while he golfed I soaked in the scenery and sketched the layout of each hole.

Golf Course Sketch


#videowkd Aug. 29-31

Capturing memories & practicing my videography skills (one of my roles at work is video production/editing). Enjoy this glimpse inside my weekend, inspired by this Wistia blog post:

By the way, this video features a few of the latest Sketchbook Skool assignments I’ve been working on and there’s more of that to come soon!

#videowkd August 29-31 2014 from Jamie Gregory on Vimeo.

How did you spend your weekend?