Sketchbook Skool: Kourse 1.1 Week #4

Recap of week #4:

  • Teacher: Jane LaFazio
  • Theme: Art heals. Sketchbooks are a great place for experimentation. Take your time and find a location that appeals to you. Start sketching with a pencil, then add detail with a pen or a water soluble pen, erase the pencil, then add watercolor in exaggerated/enhanced tones. Leave some white of the paper showing for “sparkle”. Frame your sketch with a pen outline. Art can take many forms (Jane makes amazing art quilts among other things) which can be inspired by your sketchbook. 
  • Homework: Use a grid method to layout the page composition of a fruit/vegetable sketch. Complete the sketch using the pencil, to pen, to watercolor process. 
  • My reaction: I really liked Jane’s philosophy of using your sketchbook for experimentation and to inspire other forms of art and crafts (I love crafts). I was amazed at how prolific she is with all of her sketching, art quilts, hand carved rubber stamps, mixed media collages, etc! Considering how creative and versatile she is I found her sketching process (pencil, to pen, to watercolor) and her grid method to be surprisingly rigid. I’ve gone so far down the Danny Gregory path of sketching in pen only, which has been a great learning experience, that it seemed like it would be detrimental for me to pick up a pencil again. So, I only used a pencil to layout the original grid lines on my page. When it was time to sketch the onion and the broccoli below, I only used pen and watercolor, no pencil. I’ve struggled with leaving white space in my watercolor paintings in the past and I only managed to leave a tiny bit of white space in the broccoli below, but it made a big difference and I’m going to continue working on that! Overall, I’m not sure how I feel about the grid method. It was an interesting technique to try, but I probably won’t use it on a regular basis.

My sketch from week #4:


Phase 1: You can see my penciled in grid lines in the background and my pen sketches of the onion and broccoli.


Phase 2: Here’s my final spread with the watercolor paint and some text added. I selected the grid lines that I wanted to keep and went over those in pen and erased the rest of the grid lines.

What forms of arts and crafts do you like to experiment with? What’s your opinion on sketching in pencil? I’d love to hear from you, leave a comment to share your thoughts!


2 thoughts on “Sketchbook Skool: Kourse 1.1 Week #4

  1. I am really enjoying your journey through sketchbook Skool, I am inspired to take the next round of classes. Like you not sure about the grids as an ongoing method. I do draw with pencil first, I like to rough things in first before I commit to pen. Karen

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