Viva Las Vegas!

A few weeks ago my husband attended a conference in Las Vegas for work so I tagged along and got the added bonus of spending time with my oldest sister, her husband, and my nephew who live there! We had the fun experience of staying in a hotel on the Las Vegas strip for a few days (we stayed at The Cosmopolitan), hiking and sightseeing in the desert wilderness, and I even managed to do a little sketching.

Here are some photos and sketches from our trip:


Sketches from the airplane. I can’t believe that all of these years I’ve been flying without using sketching as a way to pass the time on the flight! I’ll probably paint these eventually…


The Cirque du Soleil The Beatles: Love show was amazing! This guitar, displayed in the gift shop, was signed by all four of The Beatles!


The amazing view from our hotel room balcony!


The massive Hoover Dam.


My husband and I enjoying the sunshine after a harsh Ohio winter.


It was such a blessing to spend time with my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew!


I am amazed by how the plants and animals can adapt to living in the desert.


In Ohio we have squirrels, in Nevada they have lizards.


Is this beautiful or what?!


It was so cool to see this wild herd passing through!


Sketching adventure on the Las Vegas strip! (This is a work in progress photo, I’ll post an updated one soon)


Sketching adventure on the strip continued. I think my eyes were crossing as I tried to figure out the details for that sketch! (This is another work in progress photo, I’ll post an update soon)


We toured the Neon Boneyard where all of the retired Las Vegas signs live.


We explored the Container Park which is a super cool incubator for small businesses where they set-up shop inside old shipping containers!


We took a fascinating tour through the Mob Museum. Here’s me posing with my mobster hat & “tommy gun”.


Hiking in beautiful Red Rock Canyon.


I ended the trip with a bang by getting some peek-a-boo green streaks added to my hair (look closely, they’re a little hard to see in this photo).

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into my trip! Do you have any fun trips planned for this summer?

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