Sketchbook Skool: Kourse 1.1 Week #2

Recap of week #2:

  • Teacher: Koosje Koene
  • Theme: Tackling your inner critic. Step outside your comfort zone. Draw in public. Don’t give up on a sketch. How to use colored pencils effectively. 
  • Homework: Draw something outside/in public. Draw a simple subject with colored pencils. 
  • My reaction: 
    • Drawing in public: Its not everyday that you see someone drawing in public. Its just not that common. So, I was a little worried that I would stick out, and then someone would notice me, and what if that someone thought it was silly that I was drawing in public or even worse, what if they thought my drawing was bad? This is the conversation that I have with myself whenever I consider drawing in public. But, I love the question that Koosje had us ponder…Why AM I so concerned about other peoples opinions about MY personal sketchbook?! I think it just boils down to a lack of confidence. Although, I’m happy to report that I’ve gradually started sketching more in public throughout the last few weeks and I’ve discovered that it isn’t nearly as scary as I thought it would be! In fact, most of the time people don’t even notice me. The few times that people have noticed me they either silently watch me draw for a short period of time or they give me a compliment on my work!
    • Using colored pencils: My skills were a little rusty, but as I continued working on my colored pencil sketches it all started coming back to me. After working primarily in pen and watercolor off and on for the past few years it was definitely a challenge to switch back to colored pencils. It was a good test of my patience since colored pencil sketching requires a slower and more deliberate pace, but I found it to be somewhat meditative. I also became pretty obsessive about shading and blending the colors together. Overall, I enjoy using colored pencils but I think I’ll save them for situations when I’m not limited on time to sketch. 
  • Sketchbook Skool Facebook Group: I started interacting more on the SBS Facebook Group during week #2 and fell in love with the fun and supportive atmosphere! (Now, if only I could spend as much time sketching as I spend looking at and commenting on other people’s sketches…)

My sketches from week #2:


I drew the clementine oranges on the bottom with colored pencils. Then I decided to replicate the drawing on the top with my new water brush pens…didn’t work out so well.


Work in progress at Starbucks. I didn’t want to carry my giant Prismacolor colored pencil set so I challenged myself to do a green monochromatic sketch and just brought a handful of green pencils.


Here’s my finished monochromatic sketch. Starbucks was a great place to sketch! I really liked the monochromatic concept and will probably do it more in the future.


I switched back over to pen and watercolor to capture the movie tickets from a movie that I watched with my husband.

Thanks for following my journey! I would love to hear your thoughts about the themes from week #2. How do you overcome your inner critic? What are your thoughts about sketching in public? What are your favorite public places for sketching? Do you like using colored pencils? Why or why not? Leave a comment to share your thoughts!

2 thoughts on “Sketchbook Skool: Kourse 1.1 Week #2

  1. Nice sketches, Jamie. I like how you presented Koosje’s class in your post.

    Sketching in public is scary for me too, however, since joining an Urban Sketcher’s group, I find that I’m feeling more comfortable with sketching in public places.

    Nice work on the cup…I like how you did the cast shadow too.

    What did you think of the movie? I hadn’t heard of it until your post.

  2. Thanks Serena! You’re so lucky to have an Urban Sketcher’s group! I’m hoping to work with the local art center to start a group in the town where I live. The movie was great, it was very powerful and moving. I think it had a limited release and was only showing in some theaters. Here’s the website if you’re interested:

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